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  • Jennifer Janz

Demon & The Angel - For Our Freedom

In the indie folk pop arena, Demon & The Angel, comprised of Pete and Faye Flude, aren’t just participants; they’re architects.

With a three-decade journey that’s spanned UK folk, ska, funk and soul, and classical music, their craft is a testament to an enduring legacy that transcends time.

This rich musical odyssey culminates in their latest offerings, For Our Freedom and the album Demon & The Angel. Pete’s musical evolutionfrom the earnest strumming of UK folk, through the infectious rhythms of ska, to the soul-stirring funk and soulis a narrative of relentless exploration.

His solo performances bear the hallmarks of an artist who has refined his voice over the years. Faye, with her classical roots, adds a layer of sophistication, her foray into music therapy imbuing their work with profound empathy.

More than just music makers, the pair’s initiative in creating a music program for disabled children speaks of a belief in music’s power to heal and transform. This spirit of altruism resonates through their art. For Our Freedom, originally penned by Pete in the shadow of September 11th, has been reawakened from its slumber. Its resurgence, laden with contemporary significance, transforms it from a mere song into a symbol of enduring hope in our tumultuous times.

‘‘ Demon & The Angel’s approach to music is a fascinating amalgamation of sincerity and skill.

Demon & The Angel’s approach to music is a fascinating amalgamation of sincerity and skill. They blend indie folk pop with their eclectic musical heritage to create a sound that is both familiar yet refreshing. Their work is not only a nod to the timeless essence of the 60s folk genre but also a testament to the duo’s ability to inject contemporary indie sensibility into this classic form.

In an age often dominated by fleeting trends, Demon & The Angel distinguish themselves with authenticity and profundity. Their work, For Our Freedom and Demon & The Angel, are not just additions to the indie folk pop genre; they’re bold affirmations of artistic integrity and the resilience of the human spirit.



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