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Peter Senior – Cool Ride

Updated: May 29, 2020

Spawning from Sydney’s musical stage is theatrical jazz rock artist Peter Senior, a singer songwriter with a strong sense of musicology – bringing together many contemporary pop modalities and injecting them with old school soul! His hot single Cool Ride taken from the debut album On the Edge sounds strikingly fresh and original all the while lifting you up like a Motown classic.

This track put simply is sex on wheels, playfully referencing a heated experience of passion and lust to motorcar, its bold and playful and so cleverly done leaving you hanging on every word in the lyrics.

The music production and arrangement is delivered with the feeling and soul of a timeless classic, something that is very rare to find in modern digitally recorded music. The instrumentation has a wide stereo image and Peters deep rich voice sits beautifully in the center surrounded by a flamboyant brass section, a breathy female vocal and some piping hot piano riffs. 

The music video to accompany Cool Ride stars a sassy female mechanic with hands that wander across the sleek curves of a Ford Mustang cutting between steamy scenes of passion with a tall, dark and handsome, Its tastefully done and compliments the song so well.

Its obvious that Peter has a great ability to capture the true and real live essence of music in his recorded environment and a gift for bringing a creative vision to light, I could only imagine how incredible this music would be performed live. 

Hear more great music from Peter’s On the Edge Album here:

Check out the video for Cool Ride below:

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