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Peter Senior – Soft Rain

Updated: May 29, 2020



A beautiful piano introduction sets the tone of the latest single, Soft Rain, by Australian singer-songwriter Peter Senior. This gorgeous new song has a deeper meaning behind the lyrics. Peter empathises with his fellow citizens and the severe drought that they have gone through the past year across Australia. The lyrics movingly describe how he feels at home in the bushlands rather than the dull city life that he says ‘brings him down’. And that when the ‘soft rain’ falls, it makes everything better after a long period of drought and suffering for the farmers. ‘Soft Rain’ relates to many people and you can tell a significant amount of passion and soul went into writing the lyrics. It is no wonder that Peter has been writing and performing from a young age. Known for his theatrical and jazz style. This new single is no different as it’s catchy and dynamic with a steady yet upbeat rhythm.

The production of the song is top notch with the soothing harmonies of the backing vocals in the chorus to the sweet and uplifting sound of the guitarist. The piano and vocals of Peter Senior in this song are his best yet. Peter has an authentic voice but with a cool raspy tone to it, that is dominant throughout. With the piano combined it really showcases his musical style of country with a hint of Motown. This is without a doubt one of Peter’s best vocals, and he has really succeeded in making this song very relatable as it touches the hearts of many Aussie’s across the country. Peter Senior continues to excite the Australian music scene and this new single is no exception. ‘Soft Rain’ is sure to attract a lot of attention on the day of its release. One listen of ‘Soft Rain’ and you will be hooked!

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