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S3 Saba Brothers – Walk Away

Updated: May 29, 2020

Listen to the song review here:

There is something extra special about family members combining their creative talents in the musical form, there is a synchronicity and connection that shines brightly which is exactly what I felt when I listened to the single “Walk Away” from Sydney based Trio S3 Saba Brothers.

Walk Away is the first single taken from the debut EP “Life” and is surely just the beginning of big things to come for this bright, sharp and incredibly talented band of brothers. The message in this song is one of empowerment and positivity something that is consistent throughout allot of S3’s music. Musically the song has a groove reminiscent of bands like The Living End and Greenday but still remains unique with the boys carving out their own dynamic flavour and sound.

The live performance video the Saba Brothers have released for Walk Away shows their energy and showmanship as a live band, the passion displayed in their live show is infectious and has everyone in the crowd involved. It’s hard to believe that Nathan the lead singer and bass player is only 14 years old and brothers Stephen and Raymond still in their late teens. The rocking beats and rhythm of Walk Away had me dialing up my master volume for full effect!

With a trip onto their social media sites to look a bit more into the history of Saba Brothers and I can see there is something really exciting developing here, the boys are a hard working unit already hitting the road, touring the east coast and finding a strong online presence. There is really no limits for these boys, with the power of positivity in there sound and the connection shared as a family we can expect to see more great music and big things coming from the S3 Saba Brothers camp! Rock on boys!


Watch the video for Walk Away below:

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