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  • Jennifer Janz

Shine - We'll Be Alright

When a song begins with the chorus you know it’s going to be the kind you won’t be able to get out of your head too easily. And that’s the case with Shine’s new track We’ll Be Alright, a stadium banger with a big heart and plenty of emotional power.

Shine is a new Austrian band fronted by vocalist Gregor Glanz, a renowned artist in his own right in Austria. As Gregor says of the new track, ‘We want to give people hope with our song, something they may have lost during these difficult times.

Staying true to the motto: love illuminates even the darkest room!’ We’ll Be Alright is the sort of track that seems to emanate from another time and place; and that’s one of the great things about it, it doesn’t pander to contemporary pop-rock trends but re-ignites the flame of a sound and a quality of song that will stand the test of time: andWe’ll Be Alright will no doubt do just that.

After the introductory chorus the energy dips down, allowing the raw honesty of the lyric to be clearly communicated. Gregor does a particularly good job here of creating mood and drama through the use of his lower register. But that low register soon expands, with another chorus that reveals the full extent of his vocal capabilities as well the other band member’s skilful playing: tasteful guitar is all over this track, and rock-solid drums and bass keep the energy level up too. Perhaps what pushes this song into that classic track territory is the lyric.

‘We want to give people hope with our song, something they may have lost during these difficult times.'

The words to a song are what many listeners relate to and the sentiments in We’ll Be Alright are sure to resonate with them. As Gregor has stated, the song is ultimately about hope, although it also feels quite personal, the hope that lies between two people in a relationship is of the same kind that can formulate between strangers, between a community, a city, etc.

And that’s why We’ll Be Alright can also be seen as timely, the few minutes of pop-rock melody here might go some way to alleviate people’s fears and worries in very challenging times.


Listen to Shine on our Rock playlist:

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