F E A T U R E  A R T I S T


Highly acclaimed musician, professional laughter therapist, experienced entertainer, and reggae vocalist Ras Banamungu, together with The Det-n-ators International, have just released Cherry Oh Queen, the follow-up to their hugely successful recent single, Shakalaka-Doo Experience.



Taken from their break-out album, Revelation of Oneness (2021). Ras Banamungu and The Det-n-ators International have been going from strength to strength since the release of their 2021 album, adding to their growing list of accolades which include the 2020 Artistic Vision award for exceptional talent of the year, originality, and vision in the field of music, the 2020 X- POZE-ING Music Award for Best Reggae Music Video, for My Sunshine and a series of hit tracks that have attracted substantial streaming numbers and across the board radio play.


Ras and the band’s last single, Shakalaka-Doo Experience, was an exhilarating high-energy track that merged Afro roots and blues music, creating an enthralling mixture, one that undoubtedly anticipates a musical direction gear change. Cherry Oh Queen features a less hybridized mix of musical influences and utilises a slightly more traditional foundation, drawing on a reggae, roots music approach.


Combining all the party-like strains of Ras’s distinctive brand of contemporary world music pop, Cherry Oh Queen harnesses an infectious groove and boisterous melodies and fuses them into a celebration, one centred on love, passion, and affection.


The track opens with a stomping rhythmic pattern that soon envelopes your senses, creating a fun, good-natured, spirited mood.


Ras’ vocal performance is as rousing and exuberant as always and nicely balanced by an alternate female vocal performance in the second verse. This is a dedication song, one utilising all the buoyant charms of Ras’ usual set of styles and approaches to music—one that uses a raw, emotional core that mirrors the instrumentation and performances.


Cherry Oh Queen is elevating, warm-hearted and irresistible, and sure to hand Ras Banamungu and the Det-n-ators a new hit.