F E A T U R E  A R T I S T


In 2021, Sydney based singer-songwriter Langside released her debut album If It’s All the Same to You.


The album was a powerful emotional musical document telling the story of her divorce, exploring themes of loneliness, heartbreak, and hopelessness.


The emerging music artist has now released Cold, a new track that takes on similar themes but with a heightened sense of awareness. The track is an expressive combination of R&B-soul and contemporary pop, threading vocal layers, funk bass, late-night lounge beats, and modern jazz influences to generate a rich yet sparse musical setting for a series of memorable melodies.


As Langside says about the inspiration for the new track, ‘Cold is the story of the end of the road for my marriage, showcasing the idealisation I held on to for far too long and too stubbornly, realising I was in a marriage that was rarely bright and often sombre.’ Cold is a smooth yet refined summary of the aftereffects of a breakdown, featuring a direct and accessible lyric. As Langside says about the song’s theme, ‘I think it’s important for audiences to know I’ve experienced heartbreak. Just like them. Our pain ties us together and unites us.


But it doesn’t mean it should consume us.’ Cold is not only a searing musical portrayal of dissolution but a universal one, which will undoubtedly connect with audiences across the board. The track is sure to help establish Langside’s artistic presence, as are her live performances; as Langside says about a recent career first, ‘I recently had the opportunity to support Casey Donovan for her Bluesday on Tour show as a part of the Great Southern Nights initiative.


To play a 500-capacity theatre to a brand-new audience who had never heard of me, just one week after playing my debut show as Langside to an audience of friends and family, was very special. The audiences were so different, but it was an honour to connect with people who know me and those who don’t. And really, that’s all I want to do, connect with people through my music.