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F E A T U R E  A R T I S T


At the tender age of eighteen, Orlando Kallen stands at the threshold of a significant artistic breakthrough, his presence on TikTok commanding an audience of over a million and his Spotify following rapidly approaching the 200,000 mark. 



Emerging from the rich cultural tapestry of Australia, Kallen’s heritage—a blend of Greek, Egyptian, and Croatian influences—imbues him with a unique global allure, a kind of universal charm that transcends borders and musical genres. Yet to define Orlando Kallen simply as an artist would be to undersell his impact; he is, more accurately, a promising force of nature in the musical landscape, one that will eventually captivate audiences far beyond his current reach.

His latest single, the track Ex Wants Me Dead from the EP Leave Me Bleeding, stands as a testament to his refusal to be pigeonholed. Here, Kallen skilfully weaves together strands of indie pop, EDM, and R&B, creating a sonic focus that is as eclectic as it is mesmerizing. His influences are a roster of musical titans: Billie Eilish, The Weeknd, Miley Cyrus, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Jackson, and the legendary Elvis Presley. Yet, Orlando Kallen is more than a mere amalgam of these influences; he is a whirlwind of creativity, infusing each song with an inventiveness that pushes the boundaries of conventional music. In discussing Ex Wants Me Dead, Kallen dives into the tumultuous sea of post-breakup emotions. He articulates a journey that many will find familiar; themes related to missing, hating, longing, and ultimately questioning past relationship choices. Kallen doesn’t just sing about these emotions; he invites his audience to join him on this cathartic voyage, offering a chance for his music to resonate on a deeply personal level. This, Kallen believes, is the essence of songwriting: the ability to intertwine a narrative with the listener’s own story, creating a connection that is both uniquely individual and universally relatable. Ex Wants Me Dead is more than a contemporary indie pop song; it’s a powerful emotional expedition that speaks directly to the heart of anyone who has endured the turbulent rollercoaster of love and loss. In his music, Kallen captures not just the sound but the soul of post-breakup chaos, forging a bond between his art and his audience that is as profound as it is heartfelt.


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