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It hasn’t taken very long for Gold Coast-based music artist India Dupriez to make a mark. In a relatively brief amount of time, the singer-songwriter has gone from winning eisteddfods to collaborating with some of the most in-demand record producers in the world.

With several impressive singles already to her credit, India is set to expand her audience base and her profile with this new track, Pray.

The record blends a big kick and hand claps beat with a series of memorable melodic moments, from the ascending structure of the verses to the sure-fire hooks of the chorus—anthemic yet with enough dynamics and restraint to rescue it from loftiness. The lyric explores self-empowerment but does so with enough hard-hitting lines, such as, ‘I love my friends but they let me down / I love my dad but he ain’t around / I don’t think that it’s enough for me’, that it never sounds overdone.

Co-written with Rob Amoruso (The Rubens, Baker Boy), Prayelaborates upon India’s previous work while reasserting her idiosyncratically deft vocal and writing skills. As India has said about the new release, ‘It’s honest lyrically and open to interpretation but can also be heard casually as it easily covers a wide range of playlist and radio genres. It’s timeless and has an open target audience.

‘‘Having faith is life; whether it’s a ‘God’, a ‘universe’, or nothing at all, I want to start a conversation about it.’

Bring more positive music to a newer generation.’ Courted by her current representation, Los Angeles based Symba Music Group, India has traversed the globe to write and record with some of the heavy hitters of the contemporary pop music scene including, Chizzy Stephens (Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez) and Kyle Moorman (Pink, Sheppard, Miley Cyrus, Ellie King).

As India has said about her latest release, ‘I wrote Pray at my piano one day and in my deepest moment wanted to share what helped me heal so I can hopefully help someone else feeling the same way. Having faith is life; whether it’s a ‘God’, a ‘universe’, or nothing at all, I want to start a conversation about it.’ Pray will undoubtedly start that conversation—and more.



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