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The Chase With Calamity Jane

Updated: May 15, 2020

Lucy Cantley began her musical career at the age of six and some of her greatest musical accomplishments include touring Europe with the Princeton Orchestra as a featured solo artist, studying with renowned teachers from the Juilliard and Cincinnati Conservatories, and sharing the stage with the acclaimed artists Sarah Chang and Joshua Bell.

In 2017 Lucy moved to Nashville to pursue a different kind of musical career and soon made headlines forming and leading Troika, which went on to win the renowned NashNext 2018, a prestigious competition involving the Big Machine Label Group (Taylor Swift, Reba McEntire, Rascal Flatts, Trisha Yearwood) and Nash FM. Shortly after, Lucy broke away from the group to pursue a solo career, which ultimately led to her forming Calamity Jane, a collaborative group project featuring various artists. Calamity Jane’s debut release was a reimagined version of the classic Charlie Daniels Band track, Devil Went Down To Georgia.

The track was a massive radio hit receiving support from the KIX and CMC national radio networks. And now Calamity Jane has released the follow-up, The Chase. Once again the track utilises a unique brand of country, folk and pop styles, a hybrid blend that sets the band apart, creating a fascinating niche on the musical landscape.

"The Chase is about a restless soul setting out on a journey, unsure of where it will go, but determined to find purpose."

The song begins with a violin based theme which recurs throughout the song, supported by a buoyant rhythmic section and a lyric which is as personal as it is universal. Cantley says of the track, ‘The Chase is about a restless soul setting out on a journey, unsure of where it will go, but determined to find purpose. It’s about the constant battle between the need for stability and the need for adventure. There is a degree of anxiety to have answers, yet another voice playing to the spontaneous’. And that’s a subject many people can relate to.

Not only is the song melodically strong and powerful, with superlative performances all round but the production is all- encompassing, both highlighting the country style flavours as well as infusing that with a vibrant contemporary sonic sheen.

There’s no doubt The Chase will go on to repeat the success of Calamity Jane’s debut release, if not eclipse it.


About Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane, the collaborative music project led by violinist Lucy Cantley and complimented by the sultry vocals of her counterpart Camille Rae, is all about rewriting rules and changing up the status quo. Releasing their reimagined version of Devil Went Down To Georgia was just the start.

After attracting incredible support from CMT, The Country Network and The Heartland Network, Calamity Jane’s latest single once again utilizes an infectious blend of country, folk and pop styles.

Cantley’s inventive violin prowess weaves its way around Rae’s powerful and anthemic melodies. Lyrics that are both personal and universal reveal the soul- searching nature of I’ve Got Time, an exploration of the battle between stability and adventure.

Cantley says of the song, ‘It’s about a restless soul setting out on a journey, unsure of where it will go, but determined to find purpose’. Calamity Jane’s hybrid sound is irresistible on this track, with its sweeping production, uncompromising performances and indelible songwriting. I’ve Got Time is just the beginning and indicates incredible promise for this new group.

I’ve Got Time is at radio today and available on all streaming platforms in May.


Calamity Jane is now on Spotify

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