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  • Jennifer Janz

Big Room - Unleash The Beast

Big Room is a band from Adelaide with a big and bold sound.

With a unique style that cleverly blends organic instrumentation, well-crafted lyrics, rock sensibilities and experimental hooks, Big Room has just released another of their genre-bending tracks Unleash The Beast. Forming in 2000, the band subsequently released many singles and albums including Wastelands (2002) A Hand of Four Aces (2006), No Agreement (2011) and Giant Leap (2015), which have all enjoyed notable airplay time on Rage (national), JJJ (in the simulcast with Rage), FBI Radio (NSW), 3RRR (Melbourne), 2RRR (NSW), 3D (Adelaide), Edge Radio (Hobart), TOP FM (Darwin) and 4K1G (Townsville).

The band is known for their progressive sound, dynamic performances and social commentary. Unleash The Beast is not your average indie-rock song but an amalgamation of disparate textures and contemporary and retro flavours that manages to generate an exuberant freshness.

The lyric takes on the form of a preparation for battle, an astute and tongue in cheek way of delivering a sense of urgency to a melodically potent song; but it also give the track a poetic edge, evoking an otherworldly realm which is also easy identifiable as an inspirational metaphor, creating narratives for any number of sporting codes. From the get-go the horns seem to announce what’s about to begin: a stirring battle-cry and genre mix that defies categorisation.

‘Now on the field, we watch and we wait, now on the field, blood pumping through my veins’

The verses are straight forward yet add to the tension and sense of drama. But that soon changes when the chorus hits; massive in scope, with a thunderous rhythm section pushing along a rousing melody and uplifting sentiment: ‘Now on the field/we watch and we wait/now on the field/blood pumping through my veins’, Dave Johnston sings.

If you hadn’t heard of Big Room before, no doubt after Unleash The Beast is unleashed to commercial radio you soon will. This Oz rock gem is sure to attract huge interest on playlists everywhere.


Listen to Big Room on our Rock playlist once released on the 30th July:

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