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  • Jennifer Janz

Castle Hughes - WHY

From the sprawling expanse of Western Australia, Castle Hughes emerges, not as another artist in the vast sea of hopefuls, but as a singular voice blending the rawness of folk with the undeniable beat of pop.

It’s a fusion, but Why is no mere amalgamation; it’s an experience. Here’s the thing: in the world of music, many start young, but very few make an impact as Castle did with Moving On at the raw age of sixteen. It wasn’t just another track; it carried with it a gravity, an essence that earned its rightful place with a nomination for the WAM Song of the Year Award in its category.

It whispered of a future promise, a beckoning horizon. This promise wasn’t confined to the Australian outback. A laudable position in the UK Songwriting Contest and a nod in the 2021 WA Listen Up Music Songwriting Prize only serve as reminders of her expansive reach.

Add her commendable achievements in the CALM Youth Week Songwriting Competition and her nod from the International Songwriting Awards - Teen division, and you realize she’s not just playing the game; she’s redefining it. Fast forward to 2022, and the tracks Fairplay and Warningaren’t just additions to her discography; they’re statements.

They’re echoes of an artist who’s maturing, growing, and unafraid to explore. Her stage appearances, whether sharing the spotlight with Claudia Tripp at the Rosemount Hotel or captivating audiences at the Indian Ocean Hotel and The Bird, hint at an evolving live persona.

‘‘ Castle Hughes doesn’t just mark another point in her career; she carves out a moment in time.

And for those who can’t resist the allure, the drums are already rolling for the unveiling of Why at the Rosemount four5nine come 28th of September 2023. To sum it up, with Why, Castle Hughes doesn’t just mark another point in her career; she carves out a moment in time.

As she pushes forward, the world listens, not just with anticipation, but with the hope of being part of her journey. And as we tune in, one can’t help but feel we’re witnessing something rare: the evolution of an exceptional music artist.



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