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  • Jennifer Janz

Dinley Jones - Get Down, Right Now

With a musical initiation at the age of 13 in the domain of theatre, Dinley Jones’early start presaged not merely a musician but a well-rounded virtuoso—a harbinger that he was always slated for a career less ordinary.

Let’s talk about the versatility of the man for a moment. Dinley Jones doesn’t simply stop at laying down lyrics or recording compelling vocals. The guy’s an all-arounder who also moonlights as a choreographer and even takes the director’s chair.

Each artistic decision feels like a calculated stroke in a larger painting, uniting disparate elements into a cohesive, absorbing experience. His output becomes less of a series of isolated works and more a tapestry of interconnected vignettes, each replete with its distinct flair. On his latest track, Get Down, Right Now, Jones reaches deep into his bag of tricks to pull out something idiosyncratic. It’s an intricate fabric of hip-hop’s textual richness, funk’s mesmeric pulse, and disco’s unadulterated buoyancy.

It’s a track about the visceral pleasure of dance, intended to capture that elusive atmosphere where bodies move without inhibition, where the air is thick with both urgency and euphoria. In a world where genre often confines, Jones utilises it as a mere starting point, a springboard into unexplored sonic territories. Acknowledgment of his artistic contributions isn’t relegated to hushed tones in niche online communities or indie publications; it’s officially stamped.

‘‘ It’s an intricate fabric of hip-hop’s textual richness, funk’s mesmeric pulse, and disco’s unadulterated buoyancy.

Case in point: the noteworthy accolades he secured at the 2023 Los Angeles International Music Video Festival, where he caught the eye of the industry with nominations in both the ‘Best Music Video’ and ‘Best Director’ categories.Let’s not overlook the metrics that define modern success, either.

With tens of thousands of streams, Jones is not just a passing comet in the night sky but rather a steadily rising celestial body grabbing the attention of those in the know.

Delving deeper into Get Down, Right Now, the track doesn’t merely exist as an isolated creative endeavour; it’s Dinley Jones’ articulation of what artistic integrity looks like in this day and age. Standing firmly at the juncture of what he has accomplished and what lies tantalizingly ahead, the track is a microcosm of his manifold talents and his ability to transcend, and often combine, genre specifications.



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