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Having established a name in their hometown Perth for their high-energy live shows, Jamaica Scream is set to expand their fan base with the release of their track Mad For You. The indie rock band’s style is a blend of classic and contemporary rock influences harnessing the spirited voice of lead singer Dom Muscadere.

The track is a mid-paced tune that features many memorable melodic passages that are reinforced by the hard- hitting piquancy of the subject matter. Jamaica Scream is not afraid to decry the effects of drug addiction as this song reveals. However, this stance is treated with care as a result of several nuanced performances, and with Muscadere’s impassioned vocal at the helm. It kicks off with a guitar’s expressive tone setting the mood which soon veers from the laid-back vigour of the verses to the galvanising chorus, with its substantial rock hooks and layered sound. However, it is the lyric around which the power of the song seems to revolve.

This is easy to understand when taking into account Muscadere’s impetus for its creation. As he’s said of the song, ‘In this world, many families are touched and tragically affected by the scourge of hard-drugs often leaving a trail of destruction not only to the victim but to their extended family, friends work colleagues. The purpose of the song and the message is simply to convey; don’t do drugs. Don’t fall in love with the addiction that will take your soul and kill you from the inside’.

‘Have you sat in the dark and listened to the night, have you wanted to race to bathe down in the light’

Despite Muscadere’s intentions, the song never comes off as being preachy or overly ambitious, a result of the restrained performances as well the content of the lyric which is more impressionistic than one would think considering the subject matter, as this verse line shows, ‘Have you sat in the dark and listened to the night, have you wanted to race to bathe down in the light’, this evocative imagery is aptly suited to the all-encompassing sound of the band.

Mad For You will surely expose Jamaica Scream to a wider audience and with their penchant for incorporating a relevant social commentary, it’s easy to see why.


Jamaica Scream Press Release

Perth-based band Jamaica Scream has just released their evocative and powerfully raw track Mad For You.

The song is an illuminating reflection on the perils of addiction, utilizing an earthy, indie-rock sound and a heart-felt, poignant lyric. Brilliantly expressed by Dom Muscedere’s impassioned vocal and accentuated by the band’s dynamic and highly-charged performance, the song’s core message has universal appeal and unequivocal significance.

Having already established a loyal fan base in their home town, Mad For You is set to expose Jamaica Scream to a nationwide audience, with its alluring blend of finely crafted contemporary rock and social commentary.

Mad For You is at radio today and available on all streaming platforms in May.


Listen to Jamaica Scream on our Rock Playlist.

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