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JAXON REID - Breaking

When emerging Australian music artist Jaxon Reid describes the background to his debut release, Breaking, a song written and inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s perhaps an experience many share.

‘Music became my saviour during this time, so my dad and I wrote Breaking.

Trying to touch on what we were going through. It was really nice to do this together even though it was a difficult period. I tried to be productive over this time entering singing competitions and this was where I was noticed and signed.’ Despite the obvious sadness and grief that the pandemic generated, there would no doubt be shafts of light emitted through the darkness.

Breaking is one such positive outcome. Breaking uses an unadorned but robust sonic dynamic to merge a melancholic edge with big hooks and an expressive lyric. As Jaxon says about his new track, ‘Breaking is about the story of lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic. Living in Victoria at the time, it was quite brutal what everyone went through. I normally had a very busy life with lots of sport and social activities with friends, so it was really hard to be locked down.

‘‘ The pop-rock tune features Jaxon’s indisputable vocal talent front and centre.

Everyone had a story; I had friends that were really struggling; you heard stories on the news of domestic violence, medical staff were at breaking point. Nobody was left untouched.’ The pop-rock tune features Jaxon’s indisputable vocal talent front and centre. Breaking brilliantly explores and encapsulates the disconnect and isolation suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although the lyric reflects loss, isolation, fear, and loneliness, the chorus’s anthemic hook provides a relieving counterpoint. As Jaxon says about his songwriting aims, ‘I want to get my music out to as many people as possible in the hope it can bring joy to people. I hope people can relate to something that I have created; I want to try and make people happy and help people find a song that they can truly connect to.’

Breaking is sure to connect with many, and with over 100,000 YouTube views to his credit, the new track will surelybe Jaxon Reid’s first hit.



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