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Lark - I'm With You

Lark continues to deliver with her fifth release, I’m With You.

Australia’s dance-pop maestroemerges once again from her creative cocoon with a rousing track that follows in the footsteps of a collection of hit singles like We LoveUS!, Hit The Record, and Unicorn.

Each new offering from Lark is another chapter in her ongoing evolution—an artist in a constant state of becoming. On I’m With You, Lark has concocted an elixir of sound that intoxicates listeners with its potent combination of infectious energy, accessible lyrics, and signature soulful vocals.

This dance anthem refuses to be sidelined, demanding its rightful place on the playlists of discerning music lovers.A soundscape initially shaped by the audacious attitude of 1984’s Madonna, the theatricality of KISS, and ABBA’s ear-catching melodies, Lark’s music is an ever-evolving blend of influences.Her sound continues evolving, much like the artist herself, taking on new hues and tones as she navigates her musical odyssey.

Lark’s journey has been anything but ordinary. From the pulsating heart of intimate blues bars and the effervescent energy of nightclubs to the grandiosity of concert venues and the storied Rainbow Room on Sunset Strip, she has danced with life’s rhythm in its many forms. Her music has found a home in various settings, from live performances to TV and film placements, and has topped charts along the way.

‘‘ This is a testament to her authenticity—an increasingly elusive quality in today’s music landscape.

This is a testament to her authenticity—an increasingly elusive quality in today’s music landscape.With a career that spans the better part of three decades, Lark has left an indelible mark on the face of the music industry. Today, she seeks to inspire the next generation of artists, sharing her hard-earned wisdom through a series of mentoring videos.

In speaking about her latest release, Lark says, ‘While the song’s underlying theme carries weight, I envisioned it as a joyful tribute to love and acceptance.’ The message is clear: this is a song for everyone who needs or offers unconditional love and belief in others. It’s a reminder that each of us is beautiful, perfect, and cherished in our own right.



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