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Ras Banamungu & The Det-n-ators - Kingdom Of Love

Updated: Apr 29

In the ever-evolving tapestry of modern music, where the threads of tradition and innovation are intertwined, Ras Banamungu & The Det-N-ators introduce Kingdom of Love, a track that charts unexplored territories with audacity and grace.

This song is a celebration of Ras Banamungu’s journey from the heart of Rwanda to the global stage, marrying the pulsating rhythms of African drumming with the vibrant energy of reggaeton, creating a sound that is at once familiar and refreshingly new.

‘Inna di moonlight, vibes so right, You and I, dancing through the night. Gotcha queen, inna di reggae scene, Our love so strong, like a rhythm machine,’ croons Ras Banamungu, encapsulating the essence of Kingdom of Love. The lyrics, ripe with vivid imagery and pulsating with life, offer a window into a romance that is both deeply personal and universally relatable.

This narrative of love, set against the backdrop of the reggae scene, becomes a metaphor for Ras Banamungu’s own artistic odyssey—rooted in the rich soil of his African heritage yet blossoming in the diverse landscape of contemporary music. The track’s infectious chorus and layered vocal hooks are not just a showcase of Ras Banamungu’s vocal prowess but a testament to his innovative spirit.

Through Kingdom of Love, Ras seamlessly blends the storytelling tradition of reggae with the high-energy exuberance of reggaeton, creating a sonic experience that invites listeners to dance, to feel, to connect on a primal level.


‘‘ More than a song, Kingdom of Love is Ras Banamungu’s declaration of his lifelong dedication to music and healing.

More than a song, Kingdom of Love is Ras Banamungu’s declaration of his lifelong dedication to music and healing. Through his Laughter Percussion Academy, Ras has pioneered the integration of laughter therapy and music, a testament to his belief in the transformative power of sound.

This latest single not only entertains but serves as a bridge, connecting hearts and cultures, and reaffirming Ras’s commitment to using music as a vehicle for positivity and unity. As Ras Banamungu continues to defy genre boundaries and challenge the conventions of the music industry, Kingdom of Love emerges as a vibrant emblem of his journey.



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