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Leea Nanos - Bad Girl

Updated: May 15, 2020

Eurovision Australia Decides finalist Leea Nanos has just released her new track Bad Girl, an electrifying RnB flavoured song with a bold and playful lyric that sees the young multi-talented singer-songwriter broadening her scope and style. But Leea’s knack for writing memorable melodic lines and a direct and relatable lyric is once again at the forefront here.

Bad Girl explores themes of identity and self-truth, with lines such as ‘Everyone looks at me and all they see is naive, oh please I’m more than that’. Leea’s track is not just about the perils of judging by appearances but about the social misconceptions of age. And accompanying this lyric are inventive melodic phrases and, of course, a dynamic and passionate vocal performance.

With an evocative beginning that includes tantalising hints of the main hook as well as expressive key and synth lines, the track dips to allow for the first verse to set the pace. Sparse and driven by Leea’s understated vocal performance which cleverly allows for the powerful lyric to take centre stage, the song then rises in intensity with the pre-chorus.

‘Everyone looks at me and all they see is naive, oh please I’m more than that’.

The descending chord progression in this section opens up the track, with a superbly crafted melodic line that segues nicely into the chorus. The chorus is split into two essential parts, with the chorus tag comprised of a seriously memorable hook. This cycle is repeated once more until a double chorus and a surprise rap at the conclusion. Surrounding Leea’s enticing vocal dexterity is a plethora of exciting sounds and textures, with subtle vocal effects drawing on contemporary influences to create an atmosphere that is as mysterious and alluring as it is unyielding and unforgettable.

Leea’s previous releases Set Me Free and Don’t Call Me, were just as beautifully written and produced as Bad Girl, but there are some marked differences with this new track: a natural maturation is part of the inspiration for it.

This is yet another brilliant achievement in the artistic evolution of this remarkable young Australian singer-songwriter’s career.


About Leea Nanos

Bad Girl is the electrifying new release from the multi-talented Australian singer-songwriter Leea Nanos. After winning a slew of awards including the UK Songwriting Competition, the Eurovision Australia Decides 2019 finalist has followed up last year’s two breakthrough tracks,

Set Me Free and Don’t Call Me with this scorching contemporary RnB ode to empowerment and self-affirmation. From Leea’s signature smouldering vocal to the bruising beats of the chilled groove, Bad Girl sets Leea onto a new path to maturity, with the song’s melodic finesse, audacious self-asserting statement of identity wielded with authority and compelling abandon.

Alluring yet brimming with candid, unpretentious passion, Bad Girl is another high-water mark track for Leea, firmly establishing the enormous potential for this extraordinary artist to achieve global success.

Bad Girl is at radio today and available to download now.


Listen to Leea Nanos on our Pop Playlist.

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