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Mahmood Khan - Jagamarra

Continuing his run of extraordinary success, Mahmood Khan has just released another track from the album which is already top 10 on iTunes, No.12 on the AIR charts and an incredible No.7 on Billboard’s Classical Crossover Album chart:

Mahmood Khan with the Willoughby Symphony Orchestra—Australia’s first-ever orchestra to achieve unprecedented No. 1 iTunes chart success in 7 countries, including the UK, USA, Australia, France and Mexico. The new release, Jagamarra, is another world music epic, with unforgettable, hypnotic melodies, lush and cinematic production and Mahmood’s expressive vocal performance at the helm.

This poignant song was inspired by Mahmood’s experience after befriending an Indigenous man Jagamarra during a trek across Australia. The new release follows an incredible run of achievements for Mahmood: the No. 1 ARIA song, Like The River, recorded live at the Sydney Opera House, which made him the first Asian artist to top the Australian mainstream charts; One Line Down, which climbed the top of the Australian and US charts; Runaway, which hit No. 4 in Australia and to cap off a huge year, Mahmood’s album Tere Baghair, which became the first foreign-language album to go No.1 in Australia and USA, with the accompanying single Ginoo cracking the Billboard charts, peaking at No 2.

‘Working with Mahmood has been a unique experience.'

The new album was composed and produced by Mahmood Khan, arranged by Doug Emery and David Griffin and conducted by Doug Griffin. As arranger Doug Emery (Barry Gibb, Madonna, Barbra Streisand, and Chayanne) has said about working with Mahmood: ‘Working with Mahmood has been a unique experience.

The success of the record is proof of his ability to tap into spirituality and emotion that is lacking in a lot of today’s music’. And that perfectly sums up Jagamarra: emotional, spiritual and timeless.

Just as Mahmood’s last single Merry Go Round reached No. 1 on iTunes and No. 3 on the AIR charts, Jagamarra will no doubt do the same, here and on charts across the globe, confirming Mahmood Khan’s illustrious reputation.


Listen to Mahmood Khan on our Alt playlist:

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