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Mahmood Khan - Merry Go Round

The latest release for the extraordinarily talented multi-faceted singer-songwriter, producer and writer Mahmood Khan is Merry Go Round, a wonderfully upbeat track that features an optimistic message and Mahmood’s trademark world pop flourishes.

The new track follows the enormous success Mahmood is enjoying right across the globe, which includes a string of stand-out singles including Go On which shot to #2 on the AIR charts, and Runaway which entered #4 on the Australian iTunes charts then very quickly moved up taking the #1 spot.

Mahmood has also achieved phenomenal results at a global level, with One Line Down breaking into the top 20 iTunes USA charts and Ginoo making its debut at #8 on the coveted Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart, a first for a Pakistani artist and an Urdu song. Along with his other achievements, such as attaining 50 million YouTube streams, Mahmood was the first Asian-born Australian artist to hit #1 on the ARIA charts.

Mahmood is also working on a book titled Zinda, a tell-all rendition of his time spent in the world of hip-hop in the early nineties, where he rubbed shoulders with Dr Dre, Snoop, Eazy E and the pioneers of hip-hop, The West Coast crew. Merry Go Round epitomises the sound and style Mahmood has developed over the years. There are elements of worldbeat, folk and pop woven together to create an entertaining mix, and one that highlights the signatory celebratory nature of his music.

"Merry Go Round epitomises the sound and style Mahmood has developed over the years".

The track is beautifully produced with outstanding performances and interesting and evocative instrumentation. The guitar lines and textures are outstanding as are the various percussive elements, which play a huge role in the overall groove of the song. Aside from the feel-good nature of the track, it is also very catchy, with hooks everywhere and a spirited vocal from Mahmood.

Merry Go Round is set to further enhance Mahmood’s unparalleled place on the Australian music landscape.


Listen to Mahmood Khan on our Rock Playlist shortly.

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