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Melissa Lukin - On The Water

On The Water is the brand new release for Queensland based singer-songwriter Melissa Lukin. Melissa is a lifelong performer and has appeared in multiple musical theatre productions across the globe.

The latest track follows the great success of her debut EP First Breath, which was produced by Stuart Stuart (Sheppard, The Veronicas) and contained the track Drowning which featured in a hit US television show and received wide exposure on Australian radio.

On The Water is a contemporary ambient pop-folk crossover that draws on the inspired reflections of a troubled and enigmatic relationship to create an emotionally stirring and majestic track. Wonderfully produced by Luke Batterbury (Pete Murray, Taxiride), On The Water is the perfect introduction to the versatility and sonic splendour of Melissa’s style: inspirational and warm, hypnotic and inviting with a tidal motion of yearning and positivity at its core.

With influences that span many genres, from Fleetwood Mac to Enya to Jewel, Melissa has collated these together with her life experiences to create marvellously imagined songs that utilise exquisite aural landscapes, introspection and finely wrought musical passages.

‘It’s a nostalgic song about the memory of epic travel, love, and sunsets spent on the water’

On The Water is a great example of this, with its instantly memorable, uplifting sound counterpointed by a reflective lyric. Beginning with the rhythmic pulse firmly in place and some soothing keyboard parts, the song’s melodic strengths are very quickly established. The build from the verses into the pre-chorus and into the chorus is flawless and impressive.

The chorus is hooky and seductive, with its simplicity just one part of its alluring character. As Melissa has said of the track, ‘It’s a nostalgic song about the memory of epic travel, love, and sunsets spent on the water’. Featuring a spirited vocal performance from Melissa, On The Water is an impassioned exploration that cuts to the heart of self-discovery via the conduit of memory, a rich and exuberant track whose themes and allusions many will connect with.


Listen to MELISSA LUKIN on our Pop playlist once released.

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