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  • Jennifer Janz

Nytrix - Traces Of You

The underground electronic music scene is where Nytrix first made his mark. The vocalist and DJ now unleashes his latest offering, Traces Of You, representing the next captivating chapter in his rapidly ascending career.

With a discography spanning various esteemed dance labels, Nytrix has amassed an astonishing 100 million global streams across all platforms. Continuing his exploration of the EDM-infused aesthetic, Nytrix crafts a genre-twisting hybrid style that seamlessly blends compelling melodic power, evocative vocal expressions, and an irresistible surge of electro-energy. Collaborating with platinum artists like Kiesza and DEV, as well as esteemed festival DJs such as Gammer, R3hab, Laidback Luke, and Henry Fong, Nytrix has left an indelible mark on the industry.

His performances at renowned Insomniac music festivals, including EDC, Beyond Wonderland, Countdown, Lost in Dreams, and Hard Summer, have elevated him to the status of a highlighted featured act, captivating audiences with his mesmerizing sets. As a solo artist signed to the esteemed DIM MAK label, Nytrix has unleashed a series of electrifying electro dance-pop tracks.

‘‘ Nytrix’s sonic endeavours stand as a testament to his unwavering dedication and artistic vision.

His compositions intertwine catchy melodies with introspective and emotionally charged lyrics, creating a compelling juxtaposition. Furthermore, his music videos have garnered recognition, receiving airtime on MTV in the United States and Latin America. Europe’s esteemed CLUBBING.TV has even bestowed the title of ‘Talent of the Week’upon Nytrix, showcasing his artistry to an audience spanning 96 countries. The radio edit of Traces Of You has also found its place on the airwaves of the United Kingdom’s premier dance station, KISS FM. Nytrix’s sonic endeavours stand as a testament to his unwavering dedication and artistic vision.

With each release, he continues to carve a unique path, seamlessly navigating the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music. Traces Of You isanother entrancing chapter in his musical odyssey, solidifying Nytrix’s position as a captivating figure within the realm of sophisticated electronic soundscapes.



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