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Ross Lovell - For The Lady

Born in North-West Tasmania, Ross Lovell spent his early childhood years in idyllic rural surroundings before his family moved to subtropical Brisbane.

Despite his parents both being musical, he came late to music, undertaking guitar studies when he was unable to find a musical collaborator for lyrics he had begun writing in his late teens.

Now years later, with the release of this new single For The Lady, that upbringing with the idyllic backdrop is influencing Ross’ music, not only via his allusions to the natural world but perhaps also in the organic aural qualities of this engaging and soothing new track. Ross’ previous single Speakin’ Again, was a folk-pop crossover track that attracted huge interest at commercial and community radio.

With a particularly interesting story to tell, Ross’ musical career has seen many ups and downs, from winning awards to having to put years of work on hold indefinitely in the nineties when he was paralysed by Guillain-Barré syndrome, a devastating auto-immune disease. The experience and his gratitude to all who strongly supported him through his ten-year journey of recovery only increased his desire to be able to give something positive back to life through his music.

The new release For The Lady, is another folk hybrid that is sure to secure similar attention from radio networks and streaming playlists. The track is well-produced, with an easy-going yet focused atmosphere conjured, with the wonderfully poignant lyric reflecting the aural landscape.

‘For the lady the summer breeze blows ceaselessly, for the lady so heavenly, grows wild the sea’.

For The Lady features skilfully played acoustic guitar, tasteful musical motifs and tranquil string sounds that give the track an impressionistic air. The lyric details a dedication of love that swells within the concise flow just as easily as the stirring images are invoked.

The music and the dispatch regarding amatory devotion blend well, with the poetic cadences of the lyric easily discernible: ‘For the lady the summer breeze blows ceaselessly, for the lady so heavenly, grows wild the sea’.

For The Lady is commercial and relatable yet also alluring and evocative in the same way a compelling soundtrack might be to a movie, this quality about Ross’ work confirmed when another work of his was recently licensed for placement in a TV series being made in Mexico for HBO Latin America.


Listen to Ross Lovell on our Alt playlist once released:

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