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When Sexton discharges these vocal gems from her new release 9 TO 5, ‘Left me in the grave baby I survived yea, now I just celebrate, till the day I die yea’, it’s not just another pop star posturing and boasting but no doubt a reference to reality.

Sexton survived a nationally televised car accident—her car was hit by a stolen police car and flipped over three cars—and her life changed. Sexton moved to LA to pursue her dreams of an international music career and has never looked back. The Perth-born musician is at the vanguard of a new wave of female artists breaking stereotypes and rewriting music industry rulebooks.

2017 was Sexton’s breakout year when she peaked at #8 on US Urban radio and Top 40 on Rhythmic Radio with her hit feature on TK Kravitz’s song Space achieving 46 million streams and selling 250k units. Sexton has opened shows for major international acts such as Lil Wayne, 2Chainz, Migos, Bryson Tiller and many more. She has collaborated with major international artists including Trippie Redd, Smoke Purpp and Lil Got It and worked with industry luminaries Timbaland and Scott Storch and many other top charting producers.

‘Left me in the grave baby I survived yea, now I just celebrate, till the day I die yea’

Not only is Sexton a songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist she is also the head of her own 100% independently funded record label, Sexton Records.

9 TO 5 is taken from her latest album Lost My Heart In Hollywood (2020), and draws on several influences including pop-rock and hip hop. The track kicks off with the chorus, a super hooky refrain, layered across an electro-rap beat with swarming textures creating a heady urbane pop mix.

Produced by Musik Majorx, 94SKRT and Jared Scharff, Sexton’s self-penned track explores contemporary life with a sharp eye, utilising observations that pit ambition against pleasure in a polychromatic swathe of rap-pop splendour.


Listen to Sexton on our Hip Hop playlist once released:

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