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Australian musician ZOE has just released a lush indie-pop song that focuses on a pivotal period in her life when she travelled the length and breadth of Australia, researching and honing her artistic process.

Fire produces a distinctive musical experience that combines a particular brand of pop music with a soft edge. And although Fire is a debut song, it doesn’t sound like one.

The new single, taken from ZOE’S upcoming debut EP Sun, has a soulful vocal performance with an intriguing blend of vulnerability and self-assurance, an expansive instrumental background, and a meditative message. As ZOE says about her new single, ‘The song talks about fire as the essence of humanity, our core energy. Humans have always gathered around fire.

So, in a way, fire becomes the place we are truly known. It also talks about finding home in each other and goes on to talk about the space that is left to grow when there is nothing (external) else left to find. It’s a song that kind of wants you to get through all the bullshit and materialism and then go, what is left now? What’s really important?

‘‘ Zoe creates work that has an air of authenticity, a quality that will resonate with many.

The answer to those questions is really what the song is getting at.’ ZOE performed the song and other tracks from the upcoming EP for two years while travelling around Australia before beginning the recording process in Kalbarri, Western Australia, on a 10-date tour of the songwriter’s home state, WA. When asked what inspires her, the singer-songwriter says, ‘The best things about being alive on Earth.

The worst of it. Everything. I adore the vivid spectrum of reality, and also the un-imagined. I think what inspires me most is what people don’t think is possible. Finding what that impossible looks like and finding out how to make it appear possible.’ And ZOE has done just that on Fire, creating a work that has an air of authenticity, a quality that will resonate with many.



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