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Nouri – Where do we go from here

Updated: May 29, 2020

From hardship to Hollywood, meet R&B Goddess Nouri – born in Syria, she was a refugee at a young age but in a turn of good fate, Nouri and her family migrated to New Zealand where she found her love for singing and is now on her way to becoming the next big name in pop music! Where do we go from here is Nouri's first single dropping Nov 6th 2018 and will be part of a 5 track EP set for release in 2019, a collaboration she has worked on with a host of talented producers from all over the US.

The single Where do we go from here is as beautiful as Nouri’s look, in a style that could be described as chilled-house, it is an elegant mix of melody and passion. Released together with a stunning music video that illustrates a playful intertwining of two lovers in a push and pull romance, the video and lyrics tell the story of loving someone but having to let them go. Credited for her songwriting talents Nouri's words are intimate and draw us in from the opening verse, she has undoubtedly an innate ability to tell the story and connect with devotion and soul.

Devotion is a fitting word to describe Nouri and her history, from escaping a country in conflict to her relentless hard work to be discovered in the Hollywood mainstream, singing has been the main focus of her life and it all shines through in her music, a unique and rare quality that can only be inspired by many challenging real-life experiences. With a sound and image comparable to the likes of Rihanna and Rita Ora but by no means a carbon copy, Nouri brings an essence not often found in modern pop music, Where do we go from here has a sensitivity to it that is openly expressive and truly memorable.

This is a track that no-doubt upon its release will be gaining a lot of attention for a first single. If this is a taste of things to come for Nouri it won't be long before producers, artists and various media channels from around the world will be making requests to collaborate with her in some way.

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