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S3 Saba Brothers – Boomerang

Updated: May 29, 2020



The Sydney born trio S3 Saba Brothers are releasing their new single ‘Boomerang’, all about dealing with bullies and harassment. These three talented brothers are not only serious musicians but they dedicate a lot of their time to raising awareness about the issue of bullying today and are Ambassadors for the Bully Zero Foundation in Australia.

S3 continues to provoke a real genuine message in their songs, and ‘Boomerang’ really is no exception. The lyrics of ‘Boomerang’ from start to finish are so strong and uplifting! Anyone listening to this song who is being bullied will have the courage to stand up and not become defeated because, as the lyrics say – ‘sending love out is the only way to win’.

The song ‘Boomerang’ is clearly a symbol for love, with the chorus throughout saying ‘send your love out like a boomerang’. It’s as if the Saba brothers are making a point that if you send love out, like a boomerang, the bully will be hit by the ‘boomerang of love’.

The Saba Brothers energetic and flawless performance is really on display throughout the bridge, with a soulful guitar solo from Raymond backed up by a powerful rhythm section.

‘Boomerang’ is a song of instrumental genius and memorable words that I can hear many of their role models quoting after this song is released.

Boomerang is set for release on June 7th 2019.

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