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Shotgun Mistress – No Friend of Mine

Updated: May 29, 2020



Shotgun Mistress are here to shake up the rock scene with their first ever blazing single No Friend of Mine. Riff riding out of Melbourne, Australia – Shotgun Mistress formed around late 2018 and are already on the brink of releasing a healthy catalogue of fist-pumping tracks.

From the opening chord, No Friend of Mine breaks out like a shotgun and the boys go hell for leather on big riffs built with big sounds! With influences like Alterbridge, Slash and Motley Crew – Shotgun Mistress draws inspiration from old school legends while crushing it in a new school sound.

Fronted by the incredibly dynamic voice of Glen Patrick, No Friend of Mine takes the listener on a rock n roll ride, with cool and clever lyrics that portray the story of a SOB guy referred to in the song as “little Velvet Boy”. It’s a hot and heavy sound and as the chorus takes off we hear the many layers of the bands’ talents put on display.

The Guitars are thick and lustrous and while wielding perhaps one of the gnarliest axemen in the country – Matt Wilcock (Ackercocke, The Bezerker, and Abremelin) you can expect balls to the wall guitar work done to perfection throughout the entire track.

If this is the benchmark of things to come for Shotgun Mistress, rock and metal lovers will be chomping at the bit to catch a glimpse of the guys live. Keep an eye out for Shotgun Mistress coming live to a Melbourne venue in 2019.

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