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Peter Nigido – Turn a Page

Updated: May 29, 2020

Music can be a powerful tool to connect with our emotions and for some artists it takes them into their deepest most painful or pleasurable experiences, allowing reflection and transformation of that energy. Enter the sounds of Melbourne vocalist and electronic artist Peter Nigido and his new track Turn a Page, a deep exploration into an emotional human experience and a pure expression of sound and voice.

Teaming up with Vince Leigh and James Leigh from the legendary Pseudo Echo, this was the perfect fit to capture Peters music. Signature arpeggiated synths and big industrial beats lay the foundation and Peters emotive filled vocal is dark, breathy and intoxicating as it takes you to the core of his inner world, it’s an incredibly unique and captivating delivery. But It’s not only the sound of his voice that captivate us it’s also the lyrics contained within, feeling like it was perhaps written in a time of dark reflection he exposes his wounds and as the words “I’ll turn a Page” are expelled from Peters being the uplifting synth chimes in and gives a feeling of light shining through. Light and shade beautifully merge in a mesmerizing sonic arrangement on our senses as the track continues to lift and soar and take us on a journey through Peters shedding of skin.

I feel Peter Nigido’s voice draws influences from the 80’s synth-pop era, I would expect to see artists like David Bowie and Tears for Fears in his record collection, but his sound is no carbon copy its modern and revamped for the contemporary listening audience. Overall Turn a Page is a incredibly well-crafted piece of experimental pop, and deserves its place amongst radios current high rotation.  An awesome achievement from an incredibly talented Australian Artist. I look forward to hearing more from the upcoming EP The Art of Turning a Page.

Discover more Peter Nigido Music in the links below.

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