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Peter Senior – Baby I Love You

Updated: May 29, 2020

Sydney theatrical jazz rocker Peter Senior treats us again to a tasty new single “Baby I Love You” this is the second stellar release from his debut album On The Edge. Receiving an already overwhelming response from the Australian audience Baby I Love You shot into the iTunes Pop top 10 on the first week of its release!

Peters love of musical performance always shines through in his songs and Baby I Love You is a great example of this - its fun, infectious and it oozes soul! The production once again capturing that lively spontaneous and flamboyant performance that Peter delivers so well, backed up with a big brass band and those rich vocal harmonies its a song that fans of artists like Niel Diamond and Tom Jones would celebrate to.

The hook laden chorus is a real treat with a bright and catchy "Dooh Dooh" sing-along feel, putting a positive spin on the lyrical content that describes two lovers apart from each other. Added to this fun and groovy arrangement is a kinda corny but cool spoken word section where Peter digs deep and confesses his undying love for his lover, it's a nice theatrical touch.

In a world full of cut and paste sounding music its incredibly refreshing to hear Peter Senior and his talented band play with so much soul and feeling, this brings excitement to Australian music.

Wrap your ears around Baby I Love You in the sample below and download the full track from the iTunes store.

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